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sound-logoMeeting 002 // 20th February 2009
The second collaborative meeting between David and me… and at first some good news: After having a chat with Liam Wells, David told me that he will also be able to submit the half of this project as part of next term’s showreel assignment.

Again, it was more a kind of general talk between David and me, because we tried to answer some questions, posed by our common teacher Liam Wells, before starting to work on the sound-design. Here are some of the results:

1 // Is it possible to use not only sounds of machines and technical engines but also recordings and sounds taken from the human body?

>>> Yes indeed! I think it could be very interesting to mix or to combine different sound-layers. The breathing-sound of the lungs or the heartbeat-sound could be an absorbing element. And, for example, for the animation of the two heart-pistons, I already used a draft recording of the heartbeat-sound, as it was the best way to get a feeling for the timing and the rhythm of this machine.
So, David is going to make some tests and we will see, if it is applicable or not.

2 // Are there any human sounds within the brain?
>>> Well, another part of the sound-design that must be checked. I could imagine to have a kind of mumbling or babbling sound for the people discussing and speaking in the head-department, but without understanding any word. This could be important, because I still think about creating a german and an english version of the Industrial Palace.

3 // Concerning the cabinet and the whole framework, what kind of sound system is used for this installation?
>>> This question is quite important, because it wouldn’t make sense for David to produce a high-definition dolby-digital surround composition, if there is only a mono-sound-system at the end. Liam posed the question if there is probably only an old system for the final installation – as I try to create something true to the era of the 20’s of the last century. A good question and an interesting idea. But David and I, we are not quite sure yet about this, and so I think it would be okay, to create a rather layered sound-mix with a stereo-layer as well.
Probably there are additional ways of using the outcome of this project and then it could be helpful not only to have a reduced and simplified sound layer, but all the different sound in a good quality and – another idea from Liam – separated and on single layers within the sound-software.

David told me that he is really interested in recording most of the sounds and he knows a place where he can possibly to that. That sounds great and if he needs any help, I am definitely up to support him.

The last part of the meeting was the signing of the Learning agreement and I am going to give a copy of that to Shaun and David.

We decided to meet again next week, probably Friday. My aim for that meeting is more or less to finish the animated films and then I can concentrate on the interactive part again and of course on the idea of the cabinet.

~ by Henning M. Lederer on February 22, 2009.

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