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sound-logoBefore starting the sound-collaboration, I had a more or less broad look into the web, looking for some web-links concerning the combination and connection of image and sound – as a kind of reference material. I am not going to focus on this topic any more, as time is running and the deadline for the collaboration is coming closer. But probably the topic of the visualisation of sound is an interesting field of research for an upcoming unit.

Seeing sound waves. A blog entry about the structure and dynamics of waves and vibrations.

Linked to the site above, this is a link to an applet, creating visually interesting plates.

A constellation of colors that are associated to specific sounds, based on the concept of synaesthesia, which is the mixing of the senses. those affected by it hear colors, see sounds, & taste tactile sensations.

An interesting online audio-visual experience. Individual music loops & their connections are visually represented as a normal network graph with the help of a nice interface.

A funny font.

~ by Henning M. Lederer on March 11, 2009.

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