122 // MSN2 / Research / Social pyramids


As the deadline for this Unit is coming closer, I started to focus more on the content and story for this project. By this, I had a closer look at social and political structures and pyramid-like structures  of classes and different social layers.


Starting with Gerd Arntz – who’s work I already know and appreciate a lot – I came across some interesting artwork, containing Andreas Siekmann (who continued working within Arntz’s isotype-style) and also a socialist/anarchist/communist group or organization called “prole”. They did a really nice, simplified, stylised and highly political illustration based on an old poster from 1911 which is also part of the document below.


With these results of my research I do not only come hopefully closer to a contextual framework for my work, but I will also have to consider the political and social conclusion or outcome of my ideas.

// Research_015_Pyramid.pdf / 5.5mb

~ by Henning M. Lederer on June 12, 2009.

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