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A visual connection to the topic of the ‘Tower of Babylon‘ that was mentioned on Wikipedia and that I just like because of its simplicity and the idea of visual communication:


Constructed languages*
In the culture of constructed languages, the Tower of Babel passage is traditionally translated as one of the first rites of passage of a new “conlang”. The tower is also used as a symbol, as in the Conlang Flag, the cover of Umberto Eco’s The Search for the Perfect Language, and the Language Creation Society seal.

*A planned or constructed language – known colloquially or informally as a conlang – is a language whose phonology, grammar, and/or vocabulary have been consciously devised by an individual or group, instead of having evolved naturally. There are many possible reasons to create a constructed language: to ease human communication (see international auxiliary language and code); to bring fiction or an associated constructed world to life; for linguistic experimentation; for artistic creation; and for language games.

~ by Henning M. Lederer on June 15, 2009.

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