154 // MA-P / Research / Lebbeus Woods

A friend of mine told me about this architect, Lebbeus Woods, when I explained him my basic ideas for this project:
Conceptual architect Lebbeus Woods interprets architecture as an interplay between forces, mechanical fragments, scabs, shifting tectonic plates and war. His ideas shatter into being, unhindered by technical limitation. Metal and wire bulge and erupt into exciting new forms. Woods, who envisions experimental constructs and environments, has stated, “the interplay of metrical systems establishing boundaries of materials and energetic forms is the foundation of a universal science (universcience) whose workers include all individuals”.
Enjoy these methodical renderings of frantic, splintered spaces.




More images http://curetheblind.com/2009/06/lebbeus-woods-author-of-fractures

Links I http://lebbeuswoods.net
Link II http://lebbeuswoods.wordpress.com

~ by Henning M. Lederer on July 28, 2009.

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