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For Statics

Everything moves continuously. Immobility does not exist. Don’t be dominated by antiquated concepts of time. Forget hours, minutes and seconds. Don’t resist change. LIVE IN TIME – BE STATIC, BE STATIC – WITH MOVEMENT. Resist the anguished fear that leads you to halt movement, to freeze moments and to kill what is alive. Stop insisting on self-destructive “values” which can only break down. Be free, live!

Stop “painting” time. Stop building cathedrals and pyramids destined to fall to ruins.  Breathe deeply. Live in the present: live in time and according to time for a wonderful and absolute reality.

JEAN TINGUELY, Düsseldorf, March 1959

(Jean Tinguely, programmatic text for the “Concert for Seven Pictures” in Düsseldorf. 15000 copies of the the text were dropped from a small airplane.)

~ by Henning M. Lederer on July 30, 2009.

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