SUPERHUMAN – While staying in London I visited the SUPERHUMAN exhibition in the Wellcome Collection: A great exhib exploring human enhancement! If you have the possibility have a look…

“Glasses, lipstick, false teeth, the contraceptive pill and even your mobile phone – we take for granted how commonplace human enhancements are. Current scientific developments point to a future where cognitive enhancers and medical nanorobots will be widespread as we seek to augment our beauty, intelligence and health.

Superhuman takes a broad and playful look at our obsession with being the best we can be. Items on display range from an ancient Egyptian prosthetic toe to a packet of Viagra, alongside contributions from artists such as Matthew Barney and scientists, ethicists and commentators working at the cutting edge of this most exciting, and feared, area of modern science.”

One main reason for me to have a look at this exhibition was having a look at the Spanish version of the Industrial Palace. I knew that it will be part of this exhib…

© Wellcome Collection

~ by Henning M. Lederer on July 20, 2012.

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