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An interesting project by comic artist Matteo Farinella who will collaborate with neuroscientist Dr. Hana Ros of University College London to create Neurocomic. I really like the website-design as well, so I quickly attached all the parts to one big overview-image:


“What are our brains made of? What happens in our brains when we think, feel, see, hear or touch?

Neurocomic will be a graphic novel that takes the reader on an exciting and visually captivating adventure through the brain, populated by quirky creatures and famous neuroscientists. Giant squid, talking sea slugs, mysterious trap doors, submarines, parachutes and underwater battles transport the reader on a fantasy journey that fascinates and helps them to understand how the brain works.

Neuroscience is receiving increasing public attention, as our society faces the complex problems of ageing diseases and mental disorders.

The medium of comics has repeatedly proved incredibly efficient as education material, for its clear yet informal approach. The authors aim to combine the two, to create a visually captivating adventure that shows how cells use electricity to communicate, how drugs work, and what happens during brain disorders. The graphic novel will be released in the UK in 2013, together with a short documentary by director Richard Wyllie, who is following the process of collaboration behind the book, in order to explore the interaction between science and drawing. The project is fully supported by a Wellcome Trust People Award.”


~ by Henning M. Lederer on May 19, 2013.

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