679 // MSN1 / Building a Cyborg in the Roaring Twenties

On Paleofuture Matt Novak wrote this interesting article “Building a Cyborg in the Roaring Twenties” showing this great depiction. Don’ forget to read his article here.


“(..) back in the 1920s, augmenting the human body with anything more than eyeglasses and a set of false teeth was seen as wild science fiction.

The November 1924 issue of Science and Invention magazine included this illustration of a Jazz Age cyborg. The man had a battery-powered control board from which he could regulate his artificial kidney, artificial heart, and even his artificial small intestine.

The magazine described the goal of developing what they called the “artificial man” of tomorrow: “Removing the fangs of death by substituting organs of the body which have succumbed to the effects of time and the ravages of disease.” Everything from internal organs to eyes to artificial limbs were promised to be somewhere just over the horizon so that humanity might fight off the ravages of time. (…)”

~ by Henning M. Lederer on June 15, 2013.

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