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Have a look at the wonderful paper sculptures by the Ellen Rixford Studio – offering mechanical puppets and automata sculpture in many media.
Falk Keuten sent me this link this morning – highlighting these two sculptures. Thanks a lot!


Mental Health
This piece and the subsequent three pieces done for chapter headings for The Good Health Fact Book, published by Reader’s Digest. This illustration uses images that may or may not circulate in the mind of the average human. All these illustrations are about 2’tall.


Chronic Disease
For Good Health Fact Book, chapter heading illustration, with imagery abstracting various health conditions.

(I am wondering if this picture is mirrored… as the heart is on the wrong side)

And this one is great as well:


Be in Touch With Your Body
wood and found object sculpture for In Flight magazine, illustrating a digest of Norman Cousins’ famous memoir on his own self=cure from a debilitating disease. 28″ tall.


~ by Henning M. Lederer on October 25, 2013.

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