1315 // Ginette Caron

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Last year, while attending the Torino Graphic Days, the designer Ginette Caron presented this nice arrow-based poster during her lecture:

Freedom poster. Humanity on the move

“My poster relates about the phenomenon of migration when men and women escaping from war and misery keep wandering through different countries in search of a place where to settle down.”

More here including an animated version.



1314 // Dadu Shin

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What a nice piece by Dadu Shin for the New York Times.


Via 50 Watts

1313 // Gérard Paris-Clavel

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Simple, yet very effective: A nice piece by French designer Gérard Paris-Clavel.

Piéton de la ville, 2001


Via 50 Watts


1312 // reggaenergy

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..and this eye illustration by Sonia Diaz & Gabriel Martínez for the International Reggae Poster Contest is obviously interesting for me as well:


1311 // Sonia Diaz & Gabriel Martínez

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Pictograms once again, this time by the artist duo Sonia Diaz & Gabriel Martínez.

Found on the plakat-sozial internet platform who have set themselves the goal of using the medium of poster art to draw attention to the social problems in society, whilst at the same time promoting visual culture.


… and I quite like this selfie depiction by the same artists as well:



1310 // Theo Payne

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Two wonderful head depictions by Theo Payne. Have a look at his site for much more of his wonderful illustrated artwork!

Take Care of your Head
A couple of images about keeping your mind in a good state.


1309 // Libri Belli (3)

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Libri Belli – Always judge a book by its cover

A collaborative project initiated by Libri Belli.

Idea: Libri Belli (Instagram)
Animation: Henning M. Lederer
Music: Pontus Berghe