1240 // La Mitralleuise

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…and OMD did not only announce the new album, but already presented the lead single “La Mitrailleuse” (French for “The Machinegun”) with a help of a video animated by me – based on the 1915 painting by Christopher R. W. Nevinson after which the song is named.

“The track is built on monastic intonations and the looping of gun and cannon fire, yet the minimalistic collage finds a way to be tuneful. The only lyrics are the haunting, “Bend your body to the will of the machine,” repeated over the steady hum of the chorus underneath.” (CoS)

Have a look:


1239 // OMD

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This Monday Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, a.k.a OMD, have announced the release of a new album. The album is called The Punishment of Luxury… and I really like the cover artwork:


1238 // Markus Färber

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…and this is how I found this artist: My brother did send me a postcard with this psychedelic head depiction by Markus Färber. Cheers, Paul!


1237 // Markus Färber

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Great head depiction by Markus Färber – part of the poster series for season 2012 / 2013 of the Junges Theater Göttingen.

Check out his website for more great artwork!


1236 // Allan Peters

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A few examples of a nice set of illustrations created for Target by Allan Peters.





1235 // Saul Steinberg

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an untitled illustration by Saul Steinberg (1951) via 2headedsnake.


1234 // Easter Machinery

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Just a silly mechanism in between… consistent with the holidays. Enjoy!