1290 // Tony Palladino

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A funny head depiction for a change…
By Tony Palladino, 1968.




1289 // The Creative Process

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As I am currently looking into vintage book covers again, I found this nice one on Alexis Orloff’s Flickr collection.


Brewster Ghiselin: The Creative Process
A mentor Book – New York, 1952

1288 // D-503

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Interesting cover design for the Polish edition of Yevgeny Zamyatin’s My (We), published in Warsaw, 1985.


I don’t know this book, but it is compared the dystopian novels Brave New World and 1984.

1287 // stadtlandfrust

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Thanks for the postcard, Paul!


At the S1 Vinyl & Kaffee in Leipzig there is currently a small exhibition, showing very interesting pieces by the graphic designer and illustrator Chris Schneider – if you are around, have a look or get an idea of his work here.


1286 // Survivre

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Nice book cover design found via the great collection of Alexis Orloff.


Bruno Bettelheim: Survivre
(Surviving and other essays)
Editions Robert Laffont – Paris, 1979
Collection Pluriel, n° K 8424
Couverture: Pierre Faucheux, dessin: Gilles Carlou

1285 // Alëxone Company

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Nice logo design by Alëxone Company – also found in Paris.


1284 // Rue de l’Aqueduc

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We have been on a short trip to Paris. And just next to our flat, we discovered this great face depiction.