1274 /// Konczakowski

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An infinite head-loop. Nice one by Konczakowski.



1273 // Von Anton bis Zylinder

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My brother reminded me of this lovely illustration which is inside a really old lexicon from the former GDR that we had when we were kids:
“Von Anton bis Zylinder” Das Lexikon für Kinder
(Kinderbuchverlag Berlin, 1968)
All the illustrations – including this great depiction of the digestive system – were created by the German graphic designer and illustrator Eberhard Binder.


Thanks for sharing, Paul!

1272 // Joshua Drewe

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Great machine depiction by Joshua Drewe. Have a look at his website as there are much more interesting illustrations and projects!


1271 // Timo Kuilder (Animated)

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…and two more animated GIFs by Timo Kuilder!

timo-kuilder_ inside


1270 // Timo Kuilder

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A set of new wonderful head depictions by Timo Kuilder! Have a look at his website – his illustration style is really amazing.





1269 /// Robert Samuel Hanson

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I think this illustration is not a new one, but I just found it again in the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Nice one by Robert S. Hanson:


1268 // Allan Sanders

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“Brain Waves” by the talented illustrator Allan Sanders. Have a look for more of his great artwork here.