1298 // Rhetorical Criticism

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A good follow-up to the previous post.
Nice and stylised book cover found on the great collection of Julian Montague.



1297 // Robert Samuel Hanson

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Chain Smokers… what a nice illustration by my colleague Robert Samuel Hanson. Check out his updated website for more.


1296 // James Joyce

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“Let it all out” – A great head depiction by James Joyce for a campaign for MindFull – Support and counseling for teenagers in 2013.


1295 // Feuer&Flamme

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Thanks, Paul, for sharing.


Cover design for a brochure about right-wing extremism in the area of Jena, Germany. Published by the Jugend,- Aktions- und Projektwerkstatt Jena.

Design: Feuer&Flamme

1294 // The Project Twins

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Great body depictions by the The Project Twins.

Have a look at their website for more powerful illustrations!


Evolve Yourself
ARM Internal Magazine


Medical Marijuana
Fast Company


Analytical Vs Insightful Thinking
Wired Magazine

1293 // Baggelboy

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A nice new illustrated piece by Baggelboy via Instagram.

“Some things about some stuff maybe.”


1292 // Jason Munn

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Great eye depictions by Jason Munn.
Part of the SFMOMA Artist Series.