805 // Apollo 11 Mission Quiz

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Not just a small step, but quite a demanding task for me:
My girlfriend Charlotte was celebrating the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Mission with a party in Norwich. For this event she wrote a party quiz and my task was to illustrate and animate the 11 questions for projecting them onto the wall while the guests noted their answers.

Quite a mission… and this is a rather long video as well, starting with the questions followed by the answers.
In case you also want to play, get the quiz-sheet as a pdf here: http://www.charlottevogel.com/temp/apollo11_quiz_answer_sheet.pdf

Written by Charlotte Vogel
Illustrated & animated by Henning M. Lederer
Inspired by the great illustrations of Ben Newman

804 // Gordon Studer – Series

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And more by Gordon Studer:




Two full page illustrations and the cover for Common Ground magazine

“Blueprint for the Perfect Board Member” | Art Director | Cori Canady.

803 // Gordon Studer

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A few very nice illustrations by Gordon Studer.


A Model of Intelligence-Sharing
For the April 2012 issue of Security Management magazine | Art Director | Roy Comiskey


Cover illustration for Stanford Social Innovation Review.


“Promote Your School Budget” Scholastic Administrator magazine | Art Director | Aruna Goldstein



802 // Eduard Bersudsky

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Two friends of mine, Anne and Marcel, just went to Glasgow and saw a great piece by Eduard Bersudsky at the Sharmanka Kinetic Gallery. They sentd me this nice postcard. More information about the theater can be found on this website.

And there are much more kinetic sculpture by Eduard Bersudsky if you look him up in the internet – for example on this Flickr-site. Amazing!

Orient Express


Noah’s Ark





Cheers, Anne & Marcel!

801 // Jacques Rozier

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“La formation de la personnalite” (The formation of personality), a collage by Jacques Rozier.



Images from Le Livre de la Sante by Joseph Handler (Monte Carlo: Andre Sauret, 1968), volume 13: Adolescence, Hygienes, Viellissement.


800 // Donny Grafiks

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Interesting pattern which reminds me on some of my lab-tests I did with the work of Anton Stankowski (on my vimeo lab).

This one is a book cover by Donny Grafiks for “This way. A journal for future.” from 2012.



799 // Minjeong An

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Amazing! Highly detailed and elaborated artwork by the Korean artist Minjeong An.

There can be found much more of her work here – including links to larger versions of her work.

And don’t forget to look at her own website as there are much more projects including exhibitions and installations!

Minjeong An, “Self Portrait” (2007)


…and some more:

ma_002 ma_003


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