771 // MA-P / Cruschiform

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A nice invitation card based on a clockwork by Cruschiform.

Thanks for the link, Jenny.

krug0 krug1 krug2

770 // MA-P / Berlin Music Video Awards

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Great news: My musicvideo “Numb” by Max Cooper Ft. Kathrin de Boer is nominated for the Berlin Music Video Awards 2014!

The 2nd Berlin Music Video Awards will be held on the 28th until the 31st of May 2014 at the Platoon Kunsthalle in Berlin Mitte.

769 // MA-P / Phenakistoscope

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I have posted a series of animated gifs before depicting examples of phenakistoscope-discs being animated.

“Film-making duo The Brothers Lynch dug up a number of animations from Victorian-era phenakistoscope discs, blending them together to create a music video for the Carly Paradis song “The Hope Of A Favourable Outcome.” Watched alone, the resulting animation is mesmerizing, but when juxtaposed against Paradis’ relentless beat, the video sends the viewer into truly disturbing, seemingly endless hypnotic tunnel.”
(The Verge)

Thanks for showing me this video, Tomo!

768 // MSN1 / Alan John Herbert

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The body – a nice series by Alan John Herbert.




767 // MSN1 / Book cover

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Quite a while ago I saw these books in a shop in Norwich: A series of books explaining “big ideas” in a simple way. Obviously the nice illustrations of heads, gears and other stuff caught my eye. I only found the German covers though in an appropriate resolution, so that is why I am using these. There are much more lovely illustrations inside the books, so if you are interested, have a look in your local book shops…

The illustrations were made by James Graham, publisher is Dorling Kindersley.

dk_econ dk_philo dk_poli dk_psycho

766 // MSN1 / Heads

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I sadly cannot say who made this illustration, but it is illustrating an article by Manfred Papst on the Swiss news-site GomS.
Thanks again, Jenny, for sharing this discovery from Basel.


765 // MSN1 / HSBC brain

•April 8, 2014 • Comments Off

Last night I received a very nice email by Clemens Povel from Berlin … showing me this interesting discovery from Heathrow airport.


After a little bit of research I found out that this brain-depiction is part of a global campaign for HSBC. Designed by Triboro.

Thanks a lot for showing me this, Mr. Povel.




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