819 // Gavin Potenza

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Sorry to say that, but this illustrated heart would never run… but anyway: Nice illustration.

Apparently the website of Gavin Potenza is password protected, so you have  to look up his name if you want to see more of his work…




818 // Daniel Seex

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My sister Jenny gave me an article about the upcoming vote for Scottish independence – using an illustration by the Edinburgh based Daniel Seex.

A nice head-gear combination… and there is much more work like this on his website. A witty and diverse portfolio can be found here.




04_D&AD shark

817 // X-Ray

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Not mechanical at all, but real! Thanks for sharing, Charlotte!

“X-rays provide a window inside the body, but they are most often static images that don’t depict movement. However, Cameron Drake of San Francisco has created a collection of magnificent images showing joints in motion. He was aided by orthopedic physician Dr. Noah Weiss and the finished product is completely amazing. If you’d like to know more about the project, please check out Drake’s blog.” (Link)

Photo credits: Cameron Drake/Noah Weis

bones-1 bones-2 bones-3 bones-4 bones-5


816 // Rolf Lagerson

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I am looking through old files at the moment for inspiration and by this I found this illustration – and I am sure I have never published that on here before.

This is the cover design by the Swedish illustrator Rolf Lagerson. More of his work can be found here.

H. C. Opfermann, Smalfilmskolan (The School of Narrow Film), cover by Rolf Lagerson, printed 1955

H. C. Opfermann, Smalfilmskolan (The School of Narrow Film), printed 1955

815 // Olimpia Zagnoli (again)

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…not to forget this ‘weird’ illustration by Olimpia Zagnoli.

You can find more of here work also on this ultra-book-site.


(…for The Guardian, 2010)

814 // Olimpia Zagnoli

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Another nice project by Olimpia Zagnoli – selected for Bologna Bookfair in 2007.






813 // John McHale

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Rick Poynor from the Design Observer Group mentioned this interesting article to me:
“John McHale and the Expendable Ikon”

The title image for this article is a great man-machine collage by John McHale.
Have a look at the article as there is much more information about this artist.

Thanks a lot, Rick!


John McHale, Machine-Made America II, collage, 1956. Cover of The Architectural Review, May 1957
Art editor: Gordon Cullen. Source: Mullen Collection


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