1322 // Kawal Oberoi

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A wonderful 1984 book cover redesign by the Indian graphic designer Kawal Oberoi.



1321 // Head Instructor

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Wow! Via robot:mafia


HEAD INSTRUCTOR is an anamorphic sculpture made of 144 hand-painted glass strips.

The piece is placed on a rotating platform through which four fragmented images assemble every 90° turn. The glass strips are stuck into a wooden base with laser cut slits.

All fragments of the images were painted separately on each strip with the same colors used for traditional stained glass windows. The rotating top part of the piece is 61*74*61 cm.

Video and scoring: Thomas Medicus • Camera: Marvin Smith.


1320 // Ben Jones / The Lancet

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…and more from Ben Jones: Great illustrations for The Lancet magazine!



1319 // Ben Jones

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Wonderful head depictions by illustrator Ben Jones. This first cover for “Clockwork Orange” is amazing! Have a look at his website for more.





1318 // Jesse R. Lucas

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Nicely animated GIF by Jesse R. Lucas to promote a mini comic book project.


1317 // Elektronik

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Introduction to electronics. The book to the TV series of the same name.
Published by Jean Pütz, 1971. Cover design by R. & R. Triltsch, Köln


1316 // Chicken as Industrial Palace

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No, not Man as Industrial Palace… but a chicken! From the 1930s. Via Shorpy!

“The hen with the mechanical internal organs surprised visitors at the World’s Poultry Congress in London by giving a brief lecture on how she utilized her food to make eggs. Prepared by the United States Department of Agriculture.”
Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative.