922 // Grips Theater

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A nice graphic used on the website of the German Grips Theater.


Based on their overall logo – a curious little guy looking out of a box, I think:


Thanks for sharing, Jenny.

921 // Augustin Tschinkel

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“Workers” – a nice depiction by Augustin Tschinkel from 1932.
My first thought was of course to animate the gears… but then I realised that this is about striking workers.
“All wheels are standing still, if a strong arm so will.” (free translation of a German phrase from a famous poem/song by Georg Herwegh from 1863: “Alle Räder stehen still, wenn dein starker Arm es will”)


920 // Karolis Strautniekas

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A great illustration by Karolis Strautniekas.

“Sky&Telescope magazine asked me to illustrate an article about the scientist who has an Asperger syndrome.”


919 // Mirosław Adamczyk

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And another nice poster by a Polish artist – Mirosław Adamczyk.
Self-Postrait – an exhibition poster from 2003.

More here.

918 // Jan Lenica again

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And another one by Jan Lenica – Polnische Filmtage 1964.

Much more can be found here.


917 // Jan Lenica

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The cover for the April 1959 issue of the magazine “Gebrauchsgraphik”by Jan Lenica.

I am not quite sure what is this person is looking at, but at least it seems to create colourful reflections in its head:


916 // Wijtze Valkema again

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And this one by Wijtze Valkema is really nice as well:


“Editorial illustration for De Correspondent for an article called ‘Teach kids to think’.”

More images & information here.


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