1190 // Real Review

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Nice cover design for the next issue of Real Review.


“Published by the Real Foundation, Real Review is a quarterly magazine that pursues “what it means to live today” through articles on monuments, simulation, abandoned cities and domestic life. Designed by OK-RM, and edited by architect and critic Jack Self, the magazine is experimental in form and direction, with nods to the tradition of the review format and newspaper design. As their first issue hits the shelves, we spoke to Jack and OK-RM about what it means to make a magazine about what it means to live today.”

Via It’s Nice That.

1189 // Tech Noir

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Nicely looping animated GIF from one of the movies that inspired me a lot: Metropolis.

By Tech Noir via robot:mafia.


1188 // Seymour Chwast

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Nice type-head depiction by Seymour Chwast from 2000.


1187 // Marina Muun

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Nice head-depiction by Marina Muun. Have a look for her website as there is much more to explore!


1186 // Jonny Wan

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Wow! Lots of clocks and gears… how wonderful!

By Jonny Wan via robot:mafia. Check out his website for much more!


1185 // Walk-Cycle

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Just a quick test – trying out a few ideas concerning style, technique and creating a proper walk-cycle…



1184 // Sisyphus Machine #5

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…another one:

Henning M. Lederer

Machine #1 can be found here.
Machine #2 can be found here.
Machine #3 can be found here.
Machine #4 can be found here.



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