1279 // (Underwater) Christmas 2017

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Enjoy the holidays! Wherever you are.
Schöne Feiertage! Egal, wo ihr seid.

Animation: Henning M. Lederer /// http://www.led-r-r.net
Music: Marius André /// http://www.marius-andre.de
Sound-Design: Tobias Neumann /// http://www.tn-audio.de

/// More cards here: http://www.led-r-r.net/change/change_E.htm
/// Weitere Karten gibt es hier: http://www.led-r-r.net/change/change_D.htm



1278 // Theresa Schwietzer

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Great mechanical heart-depiction by Theresa Schwietzer for a medical article about heart weakness.
Have a look at her website for more illustrations!


1277 // Will Anderson

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A great looping head depiction by the Scottish writer, director & animator Will Anderson.



1276 // Eiko Ojala

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…and another great editorial work by Eiko Ojala.


1275 // Katie Chandler

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Another great head depiction by Katie Chandler.


1274 /// Konczakowski

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An infinite head-loop. Nice one by Konczakowski.


1273 // Von Anton bis Zylinder

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My brother reminded me of this lovely illustration which is inside a really old lexicon from the former GDR that we had when we were kids:
“Von Anton bis Zylinder” Das Lexikon für Kinder
(Kinderbuchverlag Berlin, 1968)
All the illustrations – including this great depiction of the digestive system – were created by the German graphic designer and illustrator Eberhard Binder.


Thanks for sharing, Paul!