1201 / Humanitarian Leadership Academy

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I have mentioned this project before. But as it is now online on my Vimeo-portfolio as well, here we go again:

“Our mission is to enable people around the world to prepare for and respond to crises in their own countries.”

Client: Humanitarian Leadership Academy
Design Agency: Idea Is Everything
Illustration: Robert S. Hanson
Animation: Henning M. Lederer
Voiceover Artist: Nimmy March
Voiceover Recording studio: Soho Voices
Music: Ben Sterling

1200 // Wutbürger

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Inside the head of the Wutbürger – the angry citizen.

Created by Marco Ratschiller aka Karma.


1199 // Jonathan Calsolaro

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Nice brain depiction by Jonathan Calsolaro.


1198 // Jan von Holleben

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Great combination of collage and photography by Jan von Holleben. Have a look on his website for more!


Thanks for sharing Falk Keuten (…somehow your email from 2014 ended up in my Spam-Folder and I just found it again).

1197 // Ryszard Kaja

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Great poster designs by the Polish artist Ryszard Kaja – including lots of elements I like.

1196 // Leipzig mural

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An interesting mural found by my brother at the Universitätsklinikum Leipzig.

Thanks for sharing, Paul!



1195 // Neurotransmission / Stimuli

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Neurotransmission / Stimuli (2016)
© Matthieu Bourel via robot:mafia

Illustration for the New Yorker / animated version
“After the Fact”. In the history of truth, a new chapter begins.
By Jill Lepore