1197 // Ryszard Kaja

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Great poster designs by the Polish artist Ryszard Kaja – including lots of elements I like.

1196 // Leipzig mural

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An interesting mural found by my brother at the Universitätsklinikum Leipzig.

Thanks for sharing, Paul!



1195 // Neurotransmission / Stimuli

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Neurotransmission / Stimuli (2016)
© Matthieu Bourel via robot:mafia

Illustration for the New Yorker / animated version
“After the Fact”. In the history of truth, a new chapter begins.
By Jill Lepore

1194 // Anna Wray

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Nice head depiction by Anna Wray. Check out her website for more!


Editorial, BBC History, looking at the bigger picture

1193 // More by David Plunkert

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These illustrations are really nice as well – again by David Plunkert for the Krekow Jennings Company BrochureSandstrom Design.

KJ Leave Behind Comp

KJ Leave Behind Comp

KJ Leave Behind Comp

KJ Leave Behind Comp

1192 // David Plunkert

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David Plunkert’s illustration for the article “The Future of Evil” is featured in the spectacular 60th Anniversary issue of Playboy.

Nice one! Thanks for sharing, Jenny.


1191 // Virtual Reality

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When I published my COVERS video last year, I was approached by Tom Szirtes who is working for Mbryonic – a Virtual Reality Development Studio based in London.

He asked if he can do a little test – based on Augmented Reality (AR) technologies – with one of the book covers and so he did: