1295 // Feuer&Flamme

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Thanks, Paul, for sharing.


Cover design for a brochure about right-wing extremism in the area of Jena, Germany. Published by the Jugend,- Aktions- und Projektwerkstatt Jena.

Design: Feuer&Flamme


1294 // The Project Twins

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Great body depictions by the The Project Twins.

Have a look at their website for more powerful illustrations!


Evolve Yourself
ARM Internal Magazine


Medical Marijuana
Fast Company


Analytical Vs Insightful Thinking
Wired Magazine

1293 // Baggelboy

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A nice new illustrated piece by Baggelboy via Instagram.

“Some things about some stuff maybe.”


1292 // Jason Munn

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Great eye depictions by Jason Munn.
Part of the SFMOMA Artist Series.


1291 // Marina Munn

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Nicely illustrated heads… this time by the talented illustrator Marina Munn from her series of images she created for the Folio Society Competition based on the theme “brave new world” by Aldous Huxley.


1290 // Tony Palladino

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A funny head depiction for a change…
By Tony Palladino, 1968.



1289 // The Creative Process

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As I am currently looking into vintage book covers again, I found this nice one on Alexis Orloff’s Flickr collection.


Brewster Ghiselin: The Creative Process
A mentor Book – New York, 1952