1159 // ERNEST

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Please welcome Ernest!

A brand new creative collaboration between Robert S. Hanson, Andy McNeill and Henning M. Lederer




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My animated Man as Industrial Palace is currently on display – at the CENTRALE for contemporary art in Brussels, Belgium.

From 24.03.2016 until 28.08.2016 my work is part of the exhibition entitled CONNECTED – offering “a unique and surprising journey between real and virtual…”

If you are around, have a look!


© Philippe De Gobert


© Philippe De Gobert

1157 // Christoph Niemann

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A nice cover for “The New Yorker” by Christoph Niemann again … and it is also animated! Nice machinery…


1156 // Picto-resque

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Nice wall design in Leipzig, Germany, at the Elementary School “Schule am Rabet”.


Thanks as well, Paul, for sharing!

1155 // The Circle

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Great illustrations by Christoph Niemann are accompanying the web-special of the NYT for “The Circle” by Dave Eggers. Have a look!


Thanks for sharing, Paul!

1154 // Sisyphus Machine #4

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Based on my contribution to the 9 squares project, I decided to regenerate this image to become #4 of my Sisyphus machines.

…and as before as an animated GIF as well:


1153 // One With The City

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Nice commercial for Asics by 180 Amsterdam.



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