1209 // Floor Rieder

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Nice discovery from a short trip to Dresden. A great illustration by the Dutch illustrator Floor Rieder for the book “Het wonder van jou en je biljoenen bewoners” (The miracle of our body and its trillion inhabitants).


This depiction is being used as the cover image for the German edition of this book.

1208 // Jean Perdrizet

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This is a very interesting piece by the French artist Jean Perdrizet.

More can be found here – in French though.


1207 // JUDITH

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Hurry up, Judith!

A brand new creative collaboration between Robert S. Hanson, Andy McNeill and Henning M. Lederer

Idea & Illustration Robert S. Hanson
Animation Henning M. Lederer
Sound & Music Andy McNeill

1206 // Adrià Fruitós II

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…and another nice head depiction this time by Adrià Fruitós.


L’intégrale des cinéphilies. Book Cover for Cut (Strasbourg – France).

1205 // Adrià Fruitós

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Strong illustration accompanying a French article about Jihadism.
Look up the website by Adrià Fruitós for more great artwork.


Thanks for sharing, Jenny!

1204 // Alberto Ruggieri

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Interesting head depiction concerning the topic of schizophrenia.
By Alberto Ruggieri.


1203 // Michael George Haddad

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Great digital hand depiction by Michael George Haddad accompanying an article at WIRED.

Have a look for his work at his website – I really like the style!