1340 // Bibio – Old Graffiti

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Warp Records got in touch if I am up for a creative collaboration with the British musician Bibio. Of course I was!

So, please have  a look at his newest video – including a few of my motion patterns that can be found on Instagram. Most of them are based on my on-going animated book cover series…

Here we go!


1339 // Rachel Levit Ruiz

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Great head-depicition by the Mexican illustrator Rachel Levit Ruiz – accompanying an article in the New York Times entitled:

The Empty Promise of Suicide Prevention


Have a look at her website or Instagram channel for much more amazing illustrations!

1338 // Graphic Design Education

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Wonderful eye-depiction by Joe Kral!


1337 // Robot

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Biały stożek Ałaidu. („The white cone of Ałaidu“)

Cover by Janusz Stanny
Published by Wydawnictwo Iskry in 1961

Via Wydawnictwo Iskry

1336 // Eyes…

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Lots of eyes…


1335 // Minimalistic Psychedelia

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Really nice head depiction by Bruno Borges!
From a Series of 3 posters exploring minimalistic psychedelia.


1334 // Wojciech Freudenreich

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Lots of eye depictions on cover designs by Wojciech Freudenreich for the book series Łowcy Sensacji published by Wydawnictwo Iskry.

Via Wydawnictwo Iskry